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Hey Jikei, I'm new to this game and it's awesom and I would like to ask if you have some deadlines for updates or you update it at random. And when aproximetaly I can await new update.

Can we expect sooner/bigger updates since were under quarantine


Please help, when I click at hint at Naira's storyline

Time : afternoon

Naira seems off today........ i wonder if she wrote something in her diary.......I should check

Been a while for me, but I believe you should, at this point, have the key. Go into her room and read her diary.

Where exactly can I find the key

Try the person who gave you your key ;)

Dude im in the level 22 of nairi but it's seems like i cant find the key or i cant enter Nairis room.

When i tried to talk with esther there's no option of getting a key

What should i do

have you repaired anything? there might be some check for repair stat because I always told Esther I need to repair Naira's computer. once you get in her room, look around, she has a spare key

So, what kind of mythic is the player's mom?


Are you going to add more of Naira's scenes in the next update? The other girls have more scenes than her :(


Despite having less levels, her amount of content is still around the same as the other mains. Some characters like Nefari & Esther have really short events to prepare for the next event (like the Esther event in the current update). Naira doesn't have as many of these short events


Is there a way to get into the houses next to Velvet Desires yet? I've been looking for a few days and haven't found out how.

They won't be accessible until you get to certain points in certain girls' storylines... but that's not in the game yet

I got a small error during the Velle and Esther threesome where for a couple moments I saw a different scene (I assume one of the computer porn scenes)


Already fixed it for the next version

Got this error when the game loaded:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While loading <'Image' u'gui/start_tip_bar.png'>:
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 513, in execute_show_screen
error: Out of memory 

Is there a way to change how much memory I can allow it to use? Because I should have plenty on my computer.

Who is dhalia?

Pink haired cam girl, her storyline starts in the mall's trash can lol. Find a flyer and go on your in-game computer and navigate to the internet and MasturChat.

What are the different android versions

If the universal doesn't work for you, try other ones. They all have the same content

Hey ,How can I update the game without losing all my progress from my game on pc?

The saves are located in AppData, so all you need to do is download the new version and play. You can delete the old version before or after, doesn't matter

Hey Jikei does the v0.13 update has night vision for binoculars and also i'm having a problem in train station and the last girl in the list, i can't find

No, no night vision yet. What problem in the train station? The last girl is Heather, silver haired girl at the grocery store

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and also jikei where can I possibly get the velvet pass in the strip club,  the one used to enter the velvet room?

How are you supposed to install the cameras in someone's room? I've fixed it and it is in my inventory, I've also found the room with the picture where it says "I could easily put a cameras behind there", but I can't figure out how to install it.


Nevermind, guess I got find a way in later.

what are the minimum system requirements on android? Since every time I want to install I get an application not installed and I want to see if that's why

how do i enter nairi's room and see his diary?

Deleted 75 days ago

Great time to release update considering the whole lockdown situation...

when will v13 be out to non patrons? im sorry to say i am not one.

April 17

I think I found an error in the tips. When you're trying to help Nefari with her water issue (around level 13), it says to talk to her in the afternoon when the event requires that you talk to her in the morning. You might also want to make it say something different after the player finishes getting advice from the swimmers.

Overall though, this is a great game! I had a lot of fun with it! You should be able to invite Jade to spend the night with you! I look forward to future updates!

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Thanks! I will correct that error and look over that event again. Glad to hear you've enjoyed the game :) Also Jade spending the night will definitely be a thing

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Does anyone know how to advance ivy's story? I keep trying to catch her in the morning or afternoon but she either is just selling ice cream or it's not he r (edit) nvm I had to check the sit e in my room first. Thank you.

What level is she? You need to start her story through the camsite on your PC (you access it by finding a flyer in the Mall's trash can)

People, let me ask you the third task to fix the light <img src=""><img src="">

In the MC's kitchen

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Is there more story for Jade or not? It says "This event is not available right now, try next week.( More in-game weeks must go by first) but it's like been atleast 3 weeks already, so that's it or do I need to wait more weeks (She is in Level 14)

EDIT: Nevermind, I think I just needed to wait, Well that was a long wait, Because I already finished Esther, Naira and Fanora Story line for this update already ._.

How did you install this? For me it says 'This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website'.

How do I install this? It says 'This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website'.

Not sure why it is saying that for you. You can try our official website:

what is the password for naira's pink box? i have already tried so much "passwords" ad i ca't find it

look in her diary - it should be Naira+(whatever your name is)


I wnat to find  ESTHER in afternonn!! But I can't find him.

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Hey there! Android user here, I'm having an issue when installing the app. I've tried the Mega download and the mirror download but the same outcome happens with both, when the app is staging it most of the time says it's having trouble parcing the package but when it seems to work and goes to install it just stops the entire thing and says "App not installed. " then forces me to cancel the entire thing and start over, I've fought with this for 3 hours and finally decided to give up, if anyone can help it'd be appreciated greatly. 

Hey Jikei!

What did you use to create the visuals?

How long until the next update?

Thnx For The Game GJ , I love that my second favorite game in this site it's realy great , but i cant find Esthers Password on PC :( anyone Help Pls

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I really enjoyed the game.

Finished almost all of the characters in about 3 days.

But i cant seem to find dahlia and she has slots on the main galllery..

Any tips??

Go to the mall and check the trash to find a flyer with Masturchat ads, then go watch porn on your computer

This has been a lot of fun I'm excited to see the next update

This is a truly an amazing game I'm a writer that does all types of stories. I've never seen an amazing game that truly has amazing story telling and great girls to talk to with amazing personalities and I already have two favorites, I can't wait for the next update to come out. I'm wondering when do you think the next update will come out?

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How can i go to Fenora's Room while she's arround

My English is not good :P


download only with mega??no thanks...

Click the bottom download that says Mythic Manor v0.12 Mirror ALL VERSIONS

It has non-MEGA downloads.


ty man  :)

And this thing also, i don’t know what to do with it

What can I do with these things i bought at the lake?

hello there seems to be an issue with the mac zip file? It cant be unarchived completely because there seems to be parts missing to it. 

I've uninstalled 0.11.1 and still cant install .12 on android. I've tried both android methods. Not sure why it won't work.

I was wonder if the walkthrough will ever be free forthis game?

Love this game! Nefari is my favorite, but the rest of the girls are beautiful too. There is hours of content in this game +10hrs easy ( if you don't cheat with guides or skip any dialog, scenes, etc.) and covers a fair amount of different fetishes, so if you're looking for something that will keep you entertained for longer than an hour this is for you. Some of the animations are a bit wonky, but i know the creators are working on polishing things up so not an issue. The characters are all interesting in one way or another and all beautiful. The art work is really well done and you can tell that everyone working on this game has put a lot of effort into it. That being said no game is perfect and this one does have some minor flaws. Some of the dialog during intimate scenes is a bit repetitive, the sound effects during those scenes doesn't match pace with the animations and some of the actions needed to advance some story lines can be tricky to figure out (there is a menu with hints, that helps to figure thing out if you get stuck). None of those are complaints and it didn't stop me from enjoying the game. This is now my favorite renpy game, followed by Harem Hotel then Polarity. I look forward to the next update Thank you to the team who created this game and a special thanks to whoever created Nafari! Lol

Jessa is my Favorite Cow Girl.

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