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🎉v0.19 is now available to the public! 🎉
Permanent access/Mythic Master tier now available here on Itch.io


Paying $50 for Mythic Manor one time on Itch.io will give you permanent 2 week early access to the latest version of Mythic Manor and its walkthrough forever. Cheat codes can be found within the walkthrough.

After paying $50 once, you will have early access to all future paid content that we upload here (new versions & walkthroughs). $50 supporters get access to all new versions 2 weeks before they go public. 

If you don't have an Itch.io account, you'll have to use the purchase page emailed to you by Itch.io to access our new uploads.

If you paid the $50 and have issues downloading the game, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game that offers stimulating new experiences set in an explorable modern fantasy world. Delve deep into your fantasies and experience the day-to-day life of sharing a manor with five gorgeous “mythic girls.”

  • 3DCG interactive world — Explore 20+ locations via a City Map and interact with your surroundings and other characters.
  • 400+ events and special hidden scenes — Spend time and build relationships with the girls you like.
  • Fully uncensored lewd animated scenes — Enjoy 900+ hardcore and softcore animations featuring many different fetishes.
  • Tons of side activities — Go fishing, use binoculars, view cams, find hidden items and codes, buy stuff, browse your PC and more.
  • Story-based character progression — Well-paced, entertaining story lines for each of the five main girls and several side girls.
  • Attractive character designs with distinct personalities — Uniquely designed main characters and side characters.
  • Quality of life features — Scene replay gallery, hints system, day/night system, animation speed buttons, old save file compatibility and more.
  • No NTR! 


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Permanent Access - Walkthrough & Cheat Codes (v0.19) MEGA
if you pay $50 USD or more
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if you pay $50 USD or more

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(1 edit)

So the only way to make money, to be able to buy anything, which stops the first quest to fix the sink as you have to buy a pipe, is going to Patreon and getting codes at $5 a pop! Are you kidding?!

is there any incest content?

Any idea when a new update will be coming out?

Well, it obviously won't be anytime soon as in keeping with the values of tradition with this game and rolling out 5 minute updates after 6-8+ months.

I'd expect to see another 2-3 quick scenes for irrelevant characters or yet another new character added with exactly zero content, no sooner than January or Febuary of next year.

That would be unfortunate. This is one of my fav games.

which game does Fuyumi cameo from ?

Man I really wish i didn't have to spend $50 just to get the guide. There are many things like, metal plug, water hose nozzle, safe code, room entry,  etc.. that it would be nice to have some hints for without spending that much money. I could have worn I used to have some sort of hint guide the first time I played this a long time ago.

is there pregnancy?

One temporary scene with the cow girl.

It's not even a real pregnancy.


Mega not working for me. How do I download this game


You actually need somebody to tell you how to download the game and to tell you to use another link when one doesn't work?

Sounds like you don't need to be playing games.


Did you only comment to be an asshole


I commented mostly to point out how completely ignorant this post was.


Welp, thanks for sharing reminds me of a little diddy: Why did the Man hit himself in the head with a hammer? The Man said: “ because it felt good when I stopped.” Hmmmm, as others have said, time for a change.


bro really said it reminds him of a little diddy...


Stop using unsupported download sites

Here are Itchio's compatibility guides:  



Please use a supported method, so updates can be downloaded directly through the app.


This summation sounds like sour grapes and no value here. Sorry you and yours have had your way.  Your fear is noted.

Today's nonsense suggest more expired brain cells than yesterday's.


Itch regularly fails to download, giving a 403 error for no reason. Mega always works. 

Get a browser.


I've downloaded several games through the app with more than 1GB. Including one that was over 20GB.


Your words appease your ears.  You have wasted time.  No more reason for you to stay connected to this comment board except to peddle.

If how people download things live in your head, your fears will soon be realized due to your lack of salesmanship.


So, that makes a success rate of 50% in our highly representative sample size of 2 people. Amazing.

If I count in all the people I've seen specifically asking for Mega because Itch downloads are unreliable, and compare it to the zero people who have any issues with Mega downloads aside from being too lazy to leave their app, that percentage drops even further below an acceptable level of reliability.

Get a browser. It's a basic component of any half-decent computer system.


It's about accessibility. The app allows for automatic updates. It's not about "leaving the app" it's about not having to check every app for updates individually.


Nobody's listening to you or your spam and flooding of the site with this garbage.

(1 edit) (+4)(-2)

Try clicking "My Feed". Then set a bookmark. All updates, new games, and postings from creators you follow are listed there. You can even filter them by type.

And it's perfectly accessible. What you want is the opposite of accessibility, to turn your brain off at the cost of other people's access to reliable downloads.


Dumbo, do you not know the app has resulted in bad downloads with errors?

There are creators talking about this very thing.


(Sorry, one last thing I have to say.)

If that is the case, then reach out to support and work to get it fixed. 

Or don't publish to Itchio, if Itchio is a hostile hosting platform.

There ARE other options. GameJolt. Steam. Patreon...

MY point was, if you are going to publish to a site, then you should do your best to make it compatible to that site. Otherwise, why use the site at all?


And do YOU realize that people are using those options and itch.io just fine?  Clearly YOU are the only one here who has any specific problem here.

But how nice of you stroll along and rebuild the itch.io site and service over a problem nobody even has or asked for.

Do you feel extra important now?

(1 edit) (+1)(-2)

For the record, I don't understand why everyone is getting mad at me for suggesting they actually USE the service they are posting to. Isn't that how game sites are SUPPOSED to work? 

Itch is a game platform, like Steam, GOG, or Epic Games. If you can't download apps directly through the service, then it is failing to do the main thing it is supposed to do. You realize you don't have to use the service at all, if it can't even do the thing it is supposed to be able to do. It's NOT normal to be so casual about jumping through hoops to use a service, when a critical component of the service doesn't work! It's not like there are no other sites offering the same service.

So, why is everyone pretending that it is ok to have to use incompatible workarounds to avoid issues with Itch, when for pretty much ANY other game site, they would be telling people to go to support to get the issues resolved so that they don't HAVE to use incompatible workarounds?

Seriously, for ANY other service, they would refuse to use the service AT ALL until the issues are resolved. But for some reason, people on Itch seem to get angry at the mere THOUGHT of getting support and getting issues resolved.


Welp, the Op in multiple posts on just as many pages suggests there will not be a tomorrow on itch.io.  More doomsday peddlers here wringing their hands in despair.  Is this post another troll attempt to excite the posters of this board?

Soooo, I just downloaded 2 games with no issues from itch.io linked to mega.  I suppose my garbage collector would be more interesting than this Op for advice.


It's about the fact that the whole point of sites like itch is to be an accessible collection of apps. And if there are issues so severe that everyone it EXPECTED to use external, unsupported websites, just to ACCESS those apps, then the site has failed to meet the minimum expectation for a service of its kind. 


Your thoughts.  Your fears.

Nope.  Those are your words.  You keep claiming the issues are "so severe" yet nobody is having these issues.  Suggest you leave this playground and invest in reality and go to work on fixing the non existant problems.

Or just quit trolling the internet for attention and go to work.

(1 edit) (+1)
Itch regularly fails to download, giving a 403 error for no reason. Mega always works.

That wasn't from me. Nor was:

Dumbo, do you not know the app has resulted in bad downloads with errors? There are creators talking about this very thing.

So exactly what does this have to do with anything here?

Have you taken this up with itch.io staff in the community forum before plastering it all over the site?


im stuck at Ester's room where is the camera?????????????????


Check the top left of the screen, near the fast forward button. 

So, I just found this a few days ago,  and have been wondering... 

Are there are any plans to upgrade the later two-frame stop-motion animations to the standard of what we see at the start of the game, where movement was actually rendered as video?

the animations get significantly better over time!!

That's not answering my question about whether the bad ones will be fixed or not.

Considering some of the older animations at the start of the game were updated, yes I think they will get around to updating the ones still using the stop-motion anims.  I also remember reading somewhere there were plans to eventually do and switch all those old ones over to the new type.

(1 edit)

This game is nice in many ways. I love the drawings/anime, I rather want it like this, than the "plastic" animated characthers in other games. I like it that it is open world and a lot of girls to hit on. I know it is a fantasy/fairy tale story happening in the "real" world, but what I don't  like is: Why do they not kiss before having sexual acts? I don't know many girls who does not want to kiss and foreplay (at least in the beginning in knowing someone and at least when you are a virgin). I would prefer a MC with a normal size dick, instead of having focus on that and more girls with normal size breats (but of course my opinion). But I will with excitement wait on the next update of the story :) 

I wish for no sexual animations loops or at least animations loops that have a longer period before it start all over again. F.ex. the game "where it all began" have made it fantastic work in that area (also in graphics). I wish there could be more options that will have effect later in the game (good or bad effect). I have not finished v0.19 yet, because I like to see more of the story before endgame and know more of those side ladies who have no more options. Maybe make some of the side girls move into the mansion and gets main charachter too. 


Can anyone give me the code

What code


When is the next update???


I think mabe 2023 earliest. He has a track record of taking 6/7 months for an update. Don't blame him, the game did well. At some point you need to move on with your life and do the updates slower innit. We all have other business to do other than some erotic games brev. Keep it cool, play some other games and when he updates, play the update :) 


Just installed the game and keeps crashing. Android user btw, what should I do?


open the nearest window and toss that crappy outdated POS  out.  buy a real computer and play the game as it was meant to be played.


Why assume they don't have a PC?


Where did they say they did?


Where did they say they didn't? Are you even 15 brev? Your intelligence went right where your blood went. Coast of fucking nowhere m8. Think before you speak and don't  give others brain damage by your stupidity.


Are you hopelessly retarded, too?  It's wrote out plain as day that they don't.  But being a wax barfing Crayola muncher struggling to figure out which crayon tastes more gooder, I guess you probably missed it.

Deleted 31 days ago

Cool story, bro.


thanks for the reply, and I reported for being a offensive! Have a nice day.



Deleted 44 days ago

Not concerned about some internet snowflake's report on their hurt feels.

No bullying intended.  Just pointing out ancient stone tablets may not be the best option to run games on.


Sorry about your angst.  Might I suggest staying off the internet if everything offends you.


Game works fine even on an old Android 7, yet some ppl are still sending smoke signals in today's age.


Considering this is probably the last update for Android until they switch over to JoiPlay and PC only, their wittle hearts are sure to be broke and the snowflakes will melt.

Game crashes in the pantheon.

I love this game!!! One thing I feel the devs could improve on is just that there are a lot of characters that we know are mythics but we don't know which type, another thing is that I sort of want a encyclopedia on all the different types of mythics the MC encounters and what powers they have, maybe it can update as he learns more about mythics?   

(1 edit)

such a good game. has every elements of sexy , arts + sounds

one thing that I hope in future update is.. adjust the continue button to the right side, not in the middle, so even one-handed person can hold the phone and play the game with only right hand... one can be fully immersive into the game. My busy left hand, which is moving on a train, is always interrupted by the stops (the continue button in the centre-bottom of the phone screen)

So I am at Naria level 23, the game says I need to unlock her pink lock box to progress, and I found the passcode in her diary, however, when I try to enter it in, it never works, have already tried several variations on the passcode.

There is a master code you can use.  I think it is MC+Naira or Naira+MC or some similar combination.



When is the update coming?


So is this game still stuck in endless development with 5 minute updates every 6 months?

El juego ya esta terminado o como es eso de que ya esta disponible?


This game is such sluggish grind

also game allow.to progress relations only at specific times

If you spend time with girl on your own choice you get nothing..

How long you need to be doing all of this to get anywhere is insane

Game is hold back by idiotic design, but I hope it's interesting later

I m tired of it after 20 days of trying to progress with no visible progress


What a steaming dog pile of a post.

You complain about grinding and then suggest to add a grind?

If you are not able to simply find characters and interact with themto progress,  literally all you do with this game, then maybe go take up knitting or something else.

there is a cheat code. but I do lose my patience until almost reaching the ending. felt some content are.. not that necessarily should be gone through. new characters would be interesting, better each ones with around 10-15 levels.  some are too short, some are too long..

digressed.. anyway, I don't feel much grinding. probably you have experienced better game design? now I see I'm getting to 24 weeks,  lol. 20 days is just. guess I have enough time to dive into a game. if really in hurry, might as well choose anime. lol drag the timeline bar with no effort to see the "spot". and this is my second finished one, first one is freshwoman, it does have none grinding, incredibly. I am not sure how my patience will gone to none when I reach 10? 20? hot games

(1 edit) (+1)

What is up with Fanora level 16, tried to meet her at night in her room and she is never there? Any help is much appreciated.  Nevermind, finally figured it out.  Doh!

Is the next version not going to be available on Android due to file size?


Addicted players log: day 63 still itching for a new update. My palms have begun to sweat. I've noticed a strange sauce upon my sweater... Spaghetti? (Shall investigate further) 

ALl jokes aside I love this game and can't wait for the new update! But anyhow gotta go investigate this sauce. 

(1 edit)

If you are new to MM, dont just give money to Jade, the talk to her means literally chat option when you can. She's precious <3

how do you complete iris lv 16? im stuck

I can't remember just by the level hint itself.. it was so many stuff. 

oh I see on walkthrough , it says sweet treats, same as lv14 lv15. and lv17 is PC night.

actually her level 16 isn't implemented yet the walkthrough is wrong

when you hit level 16 it says N/A 

so its wait for an update that adds to her storyline

(1 edit) (+1)

i need to know rn. i came back to this game and still love it but will we be able to do something with the cashier?!

edit: add to that girls from the clothes shop, icream stand and arcade. 

i really hopw there will be an option in the future

yeah, vana is hot. and also the one on mall in clothing store. and.. the one selling dilibo ..and.. the one on the beach asking for sunscreen. more MILF plz

Pls i need help with Vana

(1 edit)

there isn't a valid scene for Vana right now

Can someone help me find this game, it starts with some sort of battle I think the protagonist lost the war or something and then some years later a succubus or something revived him.

tales of unity?

Someone found it, it's called tyrant quest

That game has potential, but the droid ending is terrible.

what version of it do you have they stopped uploading the new updates a while back so you have to look for the complete game elsewhere

In Android Vana is bug?I cant see the item from the floor to activate the event,see on videos there is a shiny purple coin but i cant see on my game

in second scene of the arcade.. right bottom corner beside an arcade cabinet. you might as might click the whole screen around the centre 

Hey Mythic Manor Devs,

I want to try my hand at game creation. What programs did you use for character models and backgrounds?


can you make it donwloadable in the app?


cant install the game through itch desktop app. that's a bummer bc the thing I hate the most is looking for update manually, having the game on the itch desktop app, that update automatically would have been golden


Please use storage other than Google or Mega. They are evil.


google is good , it has no limit.. but mega also works.. cuz something can bypass that, like different ip. the best is itch server itself, fast + no limit. sometimes, google gives corrupted zip file, not sure its due to google or the uploaded file problem


Wrong. Google is iterally Hitler.

(1 edit)

Maybe I'm just stupid but can somebody explain to me how to install the security cameras or how to do something as simple as doing the laundry got these items that I paid for and no idea how to use them in game.

Edit: I have solved my personal surveillance camera mystery but still things like what you use or how you use the laundry detergent still allude to me

lol.. I have three detergents, ropes, heavy duty flash lights? none of them I use... any use to them?? all my girls level are full in current version

Hiiiii! I really love your game! Looking forward for more Paige scenes. ♥ Thank you for making this game. Keep it up! ♥

This game has probably some of The best script and plots that I've ever seen.  the cliffhangers on all of the stories is heartbreaking 

where do you level up the fix skills? I'm stuck with it and can't progress

there should be a clipboard looking thing on the wall next to nefari’s door in the hallway

they were tricks.. lol, I had to read Reddits to overcome this

how do I fix binoculars?? To unlock last person

Have you purchased something to replace the broken glass things.

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