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🎉v0.19 is now available to the public! 🎉
Permanent access/Mythic Master tier now available here on Itch.io


Paying $50 for Mythic Manor one time on Itch.io will give you permanent 2 week early access to the latest version of Mythic Manor and its walkthrough forever. Cheat codes can be found within the walkthrough.

After paying $50 once, you will have early access to all future paid content that we upload here (new versions & walkthroughs). $50 supporters get access to all new versions 2 weeks before they go public. 

If you don't have an Itch.io account, you'll have to use the purchase page emailed to you by Itch.io to access our new uploads.

If you paid the $50 and have issues downloading the game, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game that offers stimulating new experiences set in an explorable modern fantasy world. Delve deep into your fantasies and experience the day-to-day life of sharing a manor with five gorgeous “mythic girls.”

  • 3DCG interactive world — Explore 20+ locations via a City Map and interact with your surroundings and other characters.
  • 400+ events and special hidden scenes — Spend time and build relationships with the girls you like.
  • Fully uncensored lewd animated scenes — Enjoy 900+ hardcore and softcore animations featuring many different fetishes.
  • Tons of side activities — Go fishing, use binoculars, view cams, find hidden items and codes, buy stuff, browse your PC and more.
  • Story-based character progression — Well-paced, entertaining story lines for each of the five main girls and several side girls.
  • Attractive character designs with distinct personalities — Uniquely designed main characters and side characters.
  • Quality of life features — Scene replay gallery, hints system, day/night system, animation speed buttons, old save file compatibility and more.
  • No NTR! 


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Mythic Manor v0.19 MEGA (All)
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Permanent Access - Walkthrough & Cheat Codes (v0.19).pdf 2 MB
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Permanent Access - Walkthrough & Cheat Codes (v0.19) MEGA
if you pay $50 USD or more
Permanent Access - Mythic Masters Download Portal Information.pdf 20 kB
if you pay $50 USD or more

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Hey Mythic Manor Devs,

I want to try my hand at game creation. What programs did you use for character models and backgrounds?


can you make it donwloadable in the app?


cant install the game through itch desktop app. that's a bummer bc the thing I hate the most is looking for update manually, having the game on the itch desktop app, that update automatically would have been golden

Please use storage other than Google or Mega. They are evil.

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Maybe I'm just stupid but can somebody explain to me how to install the security cameras or how to do something as simple as doing the laundry got these items that I paid for and no idea how to use them in game.

Edit: I have solved my personal surveillance camera mystery but still things like what you use or how you use the laundry detergent still allude to me

Hiiiii! I really love your game! Looking forward for more Paige scenes. ♥ Thank you for making this game. Keep it up! ♥

This game has probably some of The best script and plots that I've ever seen.  the cliffhangers on all of the stories is heartbreaking 

where do you level up the fix skills? I'm stuck with it and can't progress

there should be a clipboard looking thing on the wall next to nefari’s door in the hallway

how do I fix binoculars?? To unlock last person

Have you purchased something to replace the broken glass things.

How do i go about downloading this on my android phone?


How to get the last sunday event in 0.19


increase Jade's level


I'm guessing whoever wrote this didn't know you can't past Level 16 for Iris. And I found alot of wrong choices.


Did anyone else get stuck in a loop during afternoon when you go to Velvet Desires withe bouncer after visiting Velle's room that morning?

You can skip the time if you get stuck. Just click the skip time button on the top left.


Vana and Iris have 1 updated story line but so good worth for waiting, Miya story so interesting and Astrid story so funny haha I love this games.

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Great game but the last 2 public releases doesn't have it's Linux libraries (basically the lib folder is empty), so the game just can't run, throwing the old libraries from 0.17 doesn't work.

Would you mind looking into this ?



I know essentially nothing about Linux but I can look into it!
I see two folders in v0.19's lib folder for Linux and they both have files in them. Are there missing files aside from those? Or is there missing information in the files? They are from Nov 2021, which is probably when I updated Ren'Py last.

It's possible that the Ren'Py update messed with something. Both v0.18 and v0.19 are on the same version of Ren'Py, v0.17 was on an older one. I do plan on updating Ren'Py for v0.20, not sure if that alone will be enough to solve this issue. But if I know what to look for that would help!

Other renpy game's lib folderWell on my end on both 0.18 and 0.19 the lib folder is empty which is the libraries that the .sh file will look into (basically the same than any program on windows looking for it's libraries).

Here's your game's lib folder as I downloaded (I tried to redownload multiple times, the file's hash was always the same so I guess it downloaded fine) next to another renpy game's lib folder so you see how it should look like.Mythic Manor 0.19 lib BTW thanks for the answer :D


strange, for me both .18 & .19 worked on linux, w/o missing libs or emtpy folders. md5 of my .19 archive is 1557a4d1bdd476a09b8c71457295e8ca, downloaded via the mega link above (the early bird variant, though. but I guess jikei did not replace it between paid and public release?)


Nope, nothing changed between paid and public. Very strange indeed!


Ok, so I solved the problem, it seems like my zip file just never self-extracted properly, for some unknown reason I had to extract everything manually, which is strange since it worked fine with other games.

When in the park with Jade, how do you 'take her for a walk', 'play in sprinklers', or 'have fun with her'? They are all grey and she gets fiesty


That is content that still needs to be added

Hey Jikei, how come you didnt pick an icon symbol for your game yet? its still the default icon symbol? you could pick a few and have ask your Patreon friends to see what one we like for the game? idk just though i would ask.

I had one in the past but it was causing false virus alerts. I could certainly try again!


just give us all a shout to let us know when you do. i would say pick 4 that you really like, then have us vote lol.


hey sooo, i just found a minor error, very minor this is a nitpick, buuuut the frist time you go to iris show i she suck dick there is an animation where her tattos dont show up


Thanks! Sometimes I don't notice when her tattoos disappear (they tend to glitch), I'll look into it 

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I Love your game and Im interested in buying the permanent access, but for the forseeable future im going to be stuck on Android.

Can you confirm if the Android version will be supported through til the end?

I know file size is an issue.

Edit: I'm curious why I'm getting down voted. Is it because I like the game or some anti-android thing?

If theres something I should know, speak up.


We will be supporting Android forever, but for v0.20 we are trying to reduce the apk's size greatly as it's nearly at the 2GB limit, so it's possible there may be some delays specific to the Android version. Some devs with very large games use a third party app on Android that allows you to play Ren'Py games (Joiplay and the Ren'py plugin), so we might look into that as well.

can you put (in this page) what is the maximun lv for each girl in the current update ? 


Keep up the good work!!! 

>Me here just waiting for more Esther updates  ^_^


so far I love naira's story and her character.

keep up the good work I look forward to the next update

Can anyone tell me how to start the story with natasha (the cop)

She doesn't have a storyline but you can unlock her event. Go to the mall in the morning, check the 3rd changing room in that clothes shop to unlock. 


With the .zip files I keep on getting an infinite download loop and it won't let me open the launcher on my computer


When is the next update??


I love this game my fav main character is Nefari for side character I like Vana and Iris the most I love their design.

nefari's requests been buggin out the plug won't spawn

Go see what is for sale at the fishing pond


Fucking amazing game. Trying to decide between Harem hotel, mythic manor and being a dik which one is better. I prefer this ones body design and specialities in the characters but harem hotels animations. But also Being a diks story. But i think this one comes up on top for me personally great game pls keep updating. Also Ferne is like a top favorite character same with the new one astrid. (PROB CUZ ASTRID THICC ASF AND FERNE CUTE ASF EXCEPT THE DICK).


dik which? I've never played this one, please send the link


Being a Dik, it's a Steam game, probably the most famous visual novel type porn game on Steam, and for a GOOD reason too. 

If you start that game prepare yourself to seclude yourself from the world for like 72 hours and emotionally invest yourself in a fictitious character far too much lol

Also, the sex is far better than nearly every porn game I've ever played.


You got me excited to play this game"! I guess this means goodbye for the next 72  hours


I don't know if you've started yet, but let me know how it goes, I went into it not expecting much, since I've never had a super high opinion of Steam porn games, but HOLY SHIT, that knocked my socks off. 

Anyways I feel bad rating another game on this game's comments. 

This game is quite good too, got a few faps in. 

A little lacking in content, but I haven't played the latest version, and the previous one made me want more, so I expect this new one to be good or better.


I played it and actually finished it a few days ago, even though it took more than 72 hours to complete, it's a good game and it guaranteed me some faps hehe, but it's not my favorite genre, I prefer the most fantasies like Mythic Manor that guaranteed me an excellent story out of countless faps .

When Nefari was around level 21-25, I didn’t like how she treated Aliza, was concerned about her research - and suddenly I noticed what happened if you added -ous to the end of her name.

Much less suspicious of her after our two trips, but that’s still tickling the back of my brain….


This thing is a cash cow tragedy.

JFC, if updates came any slower this project might actually get done in about 257 years before we're all dead and buried.

Where do i get cameras? I used the camera i bought at the mall to Vella 

Now i need a camera to progress to Naira but I can't find any camera anyone know where i can find a cameras?

Can't you buy one more?

is the games story finished?


Nope It Ongoing

How do i use/get the binoculars?

Buy Lenses From Old Man Near magic Lake and See Through Your Kitchen Window

didn't do anything

Did you unlock new character?

no nothing, must dialogue. I don't have the binoculars yet and don't know how to unlock them. I cannot find a code in the bathroom

One is bathroom cabinet,  Another is on Kitchen cupboard and one is one Mc closet 

Is there a point in buying the mastur tokens? I've looked at the streams and you cannot donate on them so is it just a gimmick to make you lose money?

Keep watching iris stream and keep at least 10k for the private stream

Estou preso na velle level 15

loving it.  well planned and great renders.  Can't wait for the next update.

Finished current update and wondering when's the next update.


Just got done playing the newest public patch (v0.18) just wanna say I'm already really liking Astrid! Just an enjoyable character to interact with.


Definitely a top tier game! Every character is lovely designed and special in their own way. The locations look great and well designed. Been playing a while now and it really plays in the higher leagues imo. Please more Iris content or maybe let Ferne join you in the manor (for the futa lovers :) Hope you have a great day and stay safe!

I was also quite sad we didn't get a bit more Ferne :(


Yeah...imo she should join the manor because her moms experiments got too scary for her. She could live with her sister and provide us with some more futa content^^ Who knows maybe in a future update👀

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Crashes when starting a new game and entering a name,  Android 11,   ColorOS 11.1 

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