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🎉March 18, 2024 - v0.21 is now PUBLIC! 🎉


Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game that offers stimulating and wholesome new experiences set in an explorable modern fantasy world. Delve deep into your fantasies and experience the day-to-day life of sharing a manor with five gorgeous “mythic girls.”

  • 3DCG interactive world — Explore 20+ locations via a City Map and interact with your surroundings and other characters.
  • 600+ events and special hidden scenes — Spend time and build relationships with the girls you like. 
  • Fully uncensored lewd animated scenes — Enjoy 1000+ hardcore and softcore animations featuring many different fetishes.
  • Tons of side activities — Go fishing, use binoculars, view cams, find hidden items and codes, buy stuff, browse your PC and more.
  • Story-based character progression — Well-paced, entertaining story lines for each of the five main girls and several side girls.
  • Attractive character designs with distinct personalities — Uniquely designed main characters and side characters.
  • Quality of life features — Scene replay gallery, hints system, day/night system, animation speed buttons, old save file compatibility and more.
  • No NTR! 

Permanent access/Mythic Master tier now available here on Itch.io

Paying $50 for Mythic Manor one time on Itch.io will give you permanent 2 week early access to the latest version of Mythic Manor and its walkthrough forever. Cheat codes can be found within the walkthrough.

After paying $50 once, you will have early access to all future paid content that we upload here (new versions & walkthroughs)$50 supporters get access to all new versions 2 weeks before they go public. 

If you don't have an Itch.io account, you'll have to use the purchase page emailed to you by Itch.io to access our new uploads.

If you paid the $50 and have issues downloading the game, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP!


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Mythic Manor v0.21 MEGA (All)
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Mythic Manor v0.21 MediaFire (All)
Permanent Access - Mythic Manor Walkthrough - v0.21.pdf 3.9 MB
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Permanent Access - Walkthrough & Cheat Codes (v0.21) MEGA
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Permanent Access - Mythic Masters Download Portal Information.pdf 20 kB
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it does have spanking scenes?

Does anybody else have the bug where when dancing wit Ivy and Chel in the club the screen just turns black and you cant do anything else with them? 

Does anybody have a fix for that?

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where is the rude people in the park it's the quest for naira I've been pressing everywhere but I still can't find them

It's the tree above the bench


i hope we get to see more femdom like action in the future, i love this game a lot and would love to see a lot more of this type of kink

Does anyone know Esther's computer password, or how to find it?

If you have not seen the password yet, you have to play further. Eventually when the story needs you to know the password you find it.

finally this game gotta update


IRIS IS THE BEST GIRL NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE. Anyway i love the game thanks author.


I may start a war but:

Ester rules.

Wonderfull game, thanks autor

How do I fix the binoculus?

you need to have a high repair skill
and u go to ur kitchen during daytime and try looking out, if you have the glass pieces (you get em from the crackhead by the lake) you can fix the binoculars to unlock another character lol

Thanks how do I get a high repair skill?  lol

there's a few events around, but mainly manor hallway poster, you'll get repair events that get ur skill up, it feels kinda random tho since I went several in-game weeks without anything to fix 


it does have anal scenes?


Yes, several.


no Ntr😔


Get lost, troll.


get outta here weird a**

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Where in the hell do i find away to fix the bathroom pipes cuz I looked everywhere 

try the mall at general store

How do I earn money?

You have a job working on your computer (access GameHub), or you can go fishing if you've unlocked it. There's also some repeatable content at the dairy farm once you progressed far enough.

I've been having a problem any time I try to launch the game on my phone or tablet it goes to the loading screen but then crashes after I get 2 clicks passed the beginning do you have a suggestion for what I can do?


Get something other than a prehistoric toaster to run it on.

Anyone know we're the girls earring is at in the park?

Using v0.20, where the hell is Kumi?! I've gone everywhere I can think of and nothing. Pretty sure I'm missing another character as well from 3rd page as there are 2 blank spots. Any help would be appreciated.

(1 edit)

Nevermind on Kumi. Backstreets club, beach, lake, backstreets, lake, beach Saturday night. Also leads to final character unlock, Wren.

I updated from 0.19 to 0.21 and was disappointed to see that no new content with Aliza was available! I can't complain for a pay-what-you-want game, really, this game has given me lots of fun. But she has a hot body and looked so good sucking that it made me really wanna do her from behind!




When is this game going to be finished up. Its been almost 5 years

Deleted 102 days ago

Hey Jikei, there's a problem about the save files. I recently changed phone and my phone is currently at the latest version. Now when I tried to relocate my save files to my new phone I didn't saw the file for the game(com.mythic) at the android/data. Now I need to start again at the beginning because I can't relocate my save files, please fix this issue


Can anyone knows how to repair binoculars?pls tell me tooo

buy stuff from the crazy man at the lake

On my birthday March 18 so cool coincidence

Where in the actual hell do Velle go at level 19?

She's a bit worried about her health, after the previous event.

I tried the doctor's offic

forgive me I'm dumb


wait this game is not dead?? welp time to change folder this one

(p.s i have literally folder of abandon games and this one is in there haha)

Not dead but it gets updated yearly, past few years I always just check on june lol


What about pregnancy? Ive read it contains an older scene which wasnt even real pregnancy, but did things change since then? Would be glad if someone could tell me :D

The farms has an optional pregnancy scene

(1 edit) (+1)

pls add Vana to main story!^^

can some help i still can't find the lost item to start kumi quest line

Deleted 117 days ago

Go to the backstreets club, then go to the beach. Good luck from there, took me hours.

Nvm i figured it out



Visit the old coot in the park.

you buy the pipe in the mall

(1 edit)

Hi im on android s23 ultra, how tf do i install this? 

I wanted to ask if I nead the zip file, but for the apk, intall it with media fire

please help me complete the assignment from jade 9 (Hmm, I wonder if anyone would hire a homeless girl? I should ask around the city. It'd probably be best to start with places Jade might like to work...)

I've looked for it and can't find it


It's been a minute since I played this but if I remember right...then you go to the mall's pet store.

Thank You


BDSM and also dungeon content

(1 edit) (+2)(-3)

Abandoned?? I hope the existing side character have more lewd scene, why always 5minutes of gameplay and lack of content to characters please have more than 35 lewd scenes to the game next update


How else can they keep the scam going if they don't release 2 minutes worth of content but once a year?  They are making money hand over foot by literally doing nothing all year, why would they change?




That's great if we take it at face value. I want to believe it, but personally, I'll only take it seriously once their actions line up with their words. Especially the "After v0.21, the goal is to have an update every 2 months or so." part.


I couldn't agree more. I'm merely showing how the devs have responded. What people do with that information is their prerogative. For me, I'm not a patron, so I don't have any monetary investment in the game. I'd like to see it developed to completion, but it's not like I'm starving for other options.


What a massive pile of BS.

The updates have lagged for more than a few years now and the game is already over 6 years old, with no end in sight.

That steaming dog pile is more word salad with no meaning.  This game has a chronic issue with updates, it isn't a one off thing.


Might be time to pull your patreon money. :-\

(1 edit) (+1)

patreon needs to die off, for more than just this reason. we should be paying for updates, not waits.


I've said it before, and I will say it here.

Patreon is to porn games what pre-orders are to AAA games. They both incentivize developers to put in less work as the sales increase.

If Patreon gave a damn about its own customers, they would force the devs to provide a timeline; i.e., "I will complete 'chapter 8' by August 15." Then, during that time, the promised money would be collected and held in escrow.

That way, if the dev misses their promised date, the Patreons could just demand their money back. And even if the dev meets the mark, they Patreons should be given the option to vote on whether or not the promised goals were met, and whether or not the dev should get the money, or the Patreons should get a refund.

That would end most of the drama immediately.

The only downside to it is that 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999% of all Patreons are sniveling simp fanboys that will upvote ANYTHING as soon as a cartoon nipple is exposed.


needs massive update compared to others like it this one is severly lacking

PC version seems to be missing from the google drive


This game really needs a big update


It needs to be finished sometime before we're all dead and buried, and not have 5 minute annual updates that have and bring nothing of substance.

In the last update instead of fleshing out the actual cast we got a dumb frog and a bunch of other garbage characters that won't have any new content for the next several years.

Deleted 82 days ago

Wow!  Look at you.  Finally found the internet that exposes you to opinions other than your own.  Good for you.

Pound sand.


Quit being a fucking pussy you little bitch!

There is a difference between a passion project and a Patreon scam.

Just exactly how many times were you dropped on your head as an infant?


dont act like this game isnt completely dead and fucked lmao


...Did this game get abandoned now too?


I'm starting to wonder the same, the last five months worth of patreon posts have been nothing but monthly art, and I haven't seen anything about releases. I really hope I'm wrong though and that they're planning a major update.


Yeah, for sure.


Well it's prob going to take a year or so for each update, if you look at how v 0.19 was 11 months before v 0.20... 


i know making a game like this is hard, especially for indie devs, but i think give a head up every now and then won't hurt for them and let the community knows

No, it's not that hard, if others are capable to do more content a month then this team does a year. Fun fact, at the beginning this game was like that too, monthly updates with more content then we get in a year now.


Ngl i miss dis game hopes it gets rembered and updated and even finished

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