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🎉v0.12 is now out for everyone! - January 18, 2020 🎉

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Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game that offers stimulating new experiences set in an explorable modern fantasy world. Delve deep into your fantasies and experience the day-to-day life of sharing a manor with five gorgeous “mythic girls.”

  • 3DCG interactive world — Explore 20+ locations via a City Map and interact with your surroundings and other characters.
  • 250+ events and special hidden scenes — Spend time and build relationships with the girls you like.
  • Fully uncensored lewd animated scenes — Enjoy 500+ hardcore and softcore animations featuring many different fetishes.
  • Tons of side activities — Go fishing, use binoculars, view cams, find hidden items and codes, buy stuff, browse your PC and more.
  • Story-based character progression — Well-paced, entertaining story lines for each of the five main girls and several side girls.
  • Attractive character designs with distinct personalities — Uniquely designed main characters and side characters.
  • Quality of life features — Scene replay gallery, hints system, day/night system, animation speed buttons, old save file compatibility and more.
  • No NTR! 


Mythic Manor v0.12 PC
Mythic Manor v0.12 MAC
Mythic Manor v0.12 ANDROID
Mythic Manor v0.12 ANDROID [OBB VERSION]
Mythic Manor v0.12 Mirror ALL VERSIONS

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Is there more story for Jade or not? It says "This event is not available right now, try next week.( More in-game weeks must go by first) but it's like been atleast 3 weeks already, so that's it or do I need to wait more weeks (She is in Level 14)

EDIT: Nevermind, I think I just needed to wait, Well that was a long wait, Because I already finished Esther, Naira and Fanora Story line for this update already ._.

How did you install this? For me it says 'This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website'.

How do I install this? It says 'This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website'.

what is the password for naira's pink box? i have already tried so much "passwords" ad i ca't find it

look in her diary - it should be Naira+(whatever your name is)

I wnat to find  ESTHER in afternonn!! But I can't find him.

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Hey there! Android user here, I'm having an issue when installing the app. I've tried the Mega download and the mirror download but the same outcome happens with both, when the app is staging it most of the time says it's having trouble parcing the package but when it seems to work and goes to install it just stops the entire thing and says "App not installed. " then forces me to cancel the entire thing and start over, I've fought with this for 3 hours and finally decided to give up, if anyone can help it'd be appreciated greatly. 

Hey Jikei!

What did you use to create the visuals?

How long until the next update?

Thnx For The Game GJ , I love that my second favorite game in this site it's realy great , but i cant find Esthers Password on PC :( anyone Help Pls

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I really enjoyed the game.

Finished almost all of the characters in about 3 days.

But i cant seem to find dahlia and she has slots on the main galllery..

Any tips??

Go to the mall and check the trash to find a flyer with Masturchat ads, then go watch porn on your computer

This has been a lot of fun I'm excited to see the next update

This is a truly an amazing game I'm a writer that does all types of stories. I've never seen an amazing game that truly has amazing story telling and great girls to talk to with amazing personalities and I already have two favorites, I can't wait for the next update to come out. I'm wondering when do you think the next update will come out?

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How can i go to Fenora's Room while she's arround

My English is not good :P


download only with mega??no thanks...

Click the bottom download that says Mythic Manor v0.12 Mirror ALL VERSIONS

It has non-MEGA downloads.


ty man  :)

And this thing also, i don’t know what to do with it

What can I do with these things i bought at the lake?

hello there seems to be an issue with the mac zip file? It cant be unarchived completely because there seems to be parts missing to it. 

I've uninstalled 0.11.1 and still cant install .12 on android. I've tried both android methods. Not sure why it won't work.

I was wonder if the walkthrough will ever be free forthis game?

Love this game! Nefari is my favorite, but the rest of the girls are beautiful too. There is hours of content in this game +10hrs easy ( if you don't cheat with guides or skip any dialog, scenes, etc.) and covers a fair amount of different fetishes, so if you're looking for something that will keep you entertained for longer than an hour this is for you. Some of the animations are a bit wonky, but i know the creators are working on polishing things up so not an issue. The characters are all interesting in one way or another and all beautiful. The art work is really well done and you can tell that everyone working on this game has put a lot of effort into it. That being said no game is perfect and this one does have some minor flaws. Some of the dialog during intimate scenes is a bit repetitive, the sound effects during those scenes doesn't match pace with the animations and some of the actions needed to advance some story lines can be tricky to figure out (there is a menu with hints, that helps to figure thing out if you get stuck). None of those are complaints and it didn't stop me from enjoying the game. This is now my favorite renpy game, followed by Harem Hotel then Polarity. I look forward to the next update Thank you to the team who created this game and a special thanks to whoever created Nafari! Lol

Jessa is my Favorite Cow Girl.

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Can someone help me out with the special events? I'm missing the last two main special events and I only have the first 6 side special events. Also, love this update Jikei :)

I've tried 30x and 12 won't Update my 11.1. At this point I'm almost ready to un-install and forget this game in totality.

Did you delete the 11.1 and just started to download and start the 12

Of Course Not, are you Insane? That's probably 50 hours...


Ever heard of a computers ´´appdata``? Your saves are safe in there. Just delete the old version, download the new one and just continue your save. You are playing on PC and not on Android or Mac for instance?

This is why I tend to Ignore other's advice. You were only half correct. Ty for that....

Like i said... IF you play on PC, you just delete the old version and download the new one, your saves are safe in the appdata. Thats just computer science! And how the f were i ´´half correct``? I only siad about *1* thing.

I have 11.1, how do I add 12 and keep my progress?

If you are on PC/Mac, just delete the old version and play the new one. Your saves are located elsewhere, so they will persist.

If you are on Android, you need to backup your saves located at Android > data > com.mythic.manor > files > saves  (just copy/move the saves folder somewhere outside of com.mythic.manor). Then uninstall the old version, then install the new version... then put the saves back where they belong

I am on PC and used MEGAsync to install the game and now it barely runs. Is that because of MEGAsync? or something I did wrong?

What do you mean it barely runs? I have no experience with MEGAsync though. It would be best to just download it and unzip the folder, then play

I did that now and I can only make it maybe 1 minute before the game says (not responding) and shuts down. 

That is very strange. Do you have a low end PC? RenPy (the game engine used to create the game) has pretty low requirements to run it. The graphics/animations in Mythic Manor probably push those requirements a little bit higher, but any modern PC should be able to run it perfectly fine

I need help! I accidentally put the surveillance camera into Vellen room's and now I can't seem to put it away. This made my progress stuck on Naria story (Lvl 22) and I can't buy any more surveillance camera from the shop.

There are 2 other cams, one is on top of the safe in your room (do bulletin board quest in the hallway to increase your repair skill, then repair the cam). The other is inside of the safe. You can unlock it by finding the 3 combination codes (pieces of paper) around the manor.

Look around your bedroom

well, i just finished the new update, and while the game itself has been polished up a fair bit (that start menu tho) i have to admit in terms of content, it was.... lackluster. still, what new content was included was very nice. 

Jikei, a suggestion if i may: going forward, i suggest dont try to polish up the looks of the game, focus on the story and animations. sure, nice menus and bigger hint boxes are nice to have, but save those tweaks for when the stories are more or less complete. only do what is necessary to make the game function nicely. as of right now, the new update doesnt have much new content but the sheer potential this game has is incalculable. as such, i strongly suggest focusing on story and getting that sector covered as much as possible. the sex animations are great but lacking in a few minor details which is fine for the time being. just make the story hit as hard as possible while keeping up the current quality of animations. if anyone can do it, u and ur team can. i greatly look forward to the next update, and i also suggest working a bit more on the stories for the side characters as well in ur downtime. sure the main characters take priority but if u have a nice little database of ideas for the side characters saved up, when u do work on them u and ur team will have a lot of material to work with. 

i expect great things from u and ur team jikei, and i cant wait to see what u guys have coming up next. take ur time with it, we, ur fans are more than willing to wait for good content. so roll up those sleeves and get to it, yall got this. 

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i cant get past iris level 1 ... help

She's at the ice cream place in the morning, it says afternoon by mistake

Can you elaborate, please? Her info box says "there's no hint for her right now". She's just standing at the kiosk, and I tried every interaction to no avail.

Oh, you probably haven't started her questline yet. It begins by finding a flyer in the mall's trashcan. This allows you to access a website on the PC in your room. The questline then requires you to view a certain cam show on that site for a while, mostly at night. Eventually you'll get to level up Iris

Is anyone else having issues installing the Android version (v0.12)? I have tried downloading 3 times, but it doesn't install on my device... :(

I had the same issue, I had to uninstall the game then install the newer version for it to work.

Cool! I'll just take a backup of my save files and uninstall the previous version then.. Thanks!

Is your android rooted so that u can do that or would I be able to access save stuff without rooting?

Save files are in the Android > data > com.mythic.manor > files > saves when you connect your phone to your PC.


Thankyou. I didn't know that, I will do that next time.

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I`m stuck doing a repair task .. Fixing the light at the Entrance .. where can I find something to stand on ? the stools in the hallway doesn`t move and I can`t seem to find anything else around to use.. Please help  ?

Er never mind.. again.. I found a  stool in the kitchen ..

I have to stop getting so impatient  oo

I can't find a way to take the stool in the kitchen. There are two there, but the game won't let me take one of them.


the update is now? wow thanks is a nice birday present :P

i love this game

Happy Birthday! :)

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jeje thanks

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How do I get a fishing pole ?

Never mind.. old guy sold me one  lol

Soooooooooooooo ready for the next update but I almost don't want to because it'll be over so soooooooooon.... fuck

Do you know when you would be ready with a full version of the game AKA v.1.0?

Still not very sure, there's a lot to be done at this point. Maybe 2021?


Incredible game. one of my two favorite games on Itch, right next to Harem Hotel. I do have a question about the impending update: when it drops, will progress transfer over, or will I need to start anew? 

Also, Jade is best girl. Velle is a close second, but you don't get better than Jade.


No. If you play on PC, the save data is in the appdata of your computer. So you can just delete the old version and install the new one on January 18 when it comes out. :)

Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, your progress will transfer to each new update. If you are playing on Windows/Mac/Linux, you do not need to do anything. Just download the new update and play. 

But if you are on Android, you should backup your save files and then uninstall the old version, then install the new version and put your save files back.

hey, this hasn’t worked for me, (pc) it seems to be stuck at the end of .11.1 and tells me I’ve advanced as far as is currently available, any idea what I screwed up? 

Did you download the new version and play it through that folder? You can completely delete the v0.11.1 folder. Do not copy files from the new version and replace files in the old version, it won't work correctly.

I moved the 0.11.1 folder to a folder I set up for outdated versions of games. Should I have straight deleted it? I’ll try that, and re-unzip 0.12


Very, Very good game. Mythic Manor is one of maybe 5 games on this site that i enjoyed and boy... Could i spend hours upon hours playing. Obviously we all know Naira is the best girl, it's not an opinion, it's a fact x)

The characters are all well made, each character differs from the others in various ways, there are certain events that you can discover if you go to certain areas at a certain time, which is also a very good thing.

If anyone is reading this comment questioning themselves whether if they should play Mythic Manor, then i would say GO FOR IT!

Absolutely try it out, in the worst case scenario this game could not be your type, but it might be. And unless you try it out you'll never know. Maybe you'll end up spending way more time on the game than you initially wanted to (like me)

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your attention, i may have written a little essay for ya but i can't help it, im high as a kite and when i start typing i have a HARD time stopping ;p Have a good one.

Good afternoon. If it's not a secret, then with what help did you make the graphics in the game? (Do you have any lessons on this program?). I also want to create my own game, but I can not draw. 

And Paige level 2

If it is that ´She said that she was in the gym every morning, so where is she`, then go to the Gyms shower.

What about Jade level 14

Go to the Park at the Afternoon or to the Doggie style shop in the morning.

How do you do Jade level 13

Go to the Lake in the Afternoon.

How do i clear Naira lvl 22 where it says "She seems off today..... I wonder if she wrote something in her diary"?

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You need to have a camera in your inventory and then click on Nairas door. Then go to Esther in the garden and ask to get into Nairas room.

Ps. Search her whole room while your at it ;)

Where do i get the camera? I went to the mall and couldnt buy any from Leon at all ;-;

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how do i advance fanora to level 28, the hint says "i should just find a place to relax" but cant find where.

Go to the living rooms couch at night

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