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Anyone know how to get your binoculars repaired

for some reason 0.17 is on lewd zone when its not public for another 9 days lmao also ngl after how many months its been there is still alot of stuff in development that i thought would have been added in this update (the computers,the lab, and the other areas) also it still says no new content on alot of characters that i thought would have more added tbh (people from mall), the arcades cool tho, im not hating on the game i do really like it and im exicited for the future of it.

pretty much most things you click on in 0.16 that say "in progress wait until next release" still say it in 0.17

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Do you know where I can repair the binoculars

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So  when i downloaded this game, i honestly though it sounded kinda cool, so i said what the hell, lets check it out, I've came back after finishing what i believe is all content (maybe missed a few side bits) and i have to say this game not only blew away all my expectations, but made me really get into the back stories of all the girls and the world they live in. The charters are not only well made visually, but they are well written in a way that each one feels like there own person, and I've played a few Vns where charters were so one note and flat that i could care less, but this game did not have that issue at all. Honestly i loved everything about it. Great job creator you made an amazing game, and i look forward to more updates in the future 

(+4) here guys


thank you friend, that's good news..


Good to know! Thanks. 

Does anyone know where the cam in Esther's room is? I cant find it anywhere


Top left, next to the Save/skip/time area of the menu in her room



Is there a compressed version for Android? 😢


Hopefully in this update you can actually do stuff with a lot of the other characters and access all the hidden buildings n go on the computers because it gets frustrating when it lets u click on something then says it’s not available lol, looking foward to it tho 

Do you know how I can unlock dahlia and Miya


When next Update please make for file Android..

i understand that the update will be availiable for patrons in may but when can the public have it


Based on the prior release history, probably about 2 weeks after the patron release.


Welp since the last update, I surely believe that this update would be a big one. I hope so, at least


Are you alive? @Jikei


Is this game gonna get an update again? iIts been a while.


Lock at Patreon the post from the 21.4 

or here The link



I'm sure it's nothing you weren't already aware of, but there is a 2GB limit on Android .APK size.  I am wondering what your plans were for when the maximum filesize is reached.  OBB install perhaps, or there is apparently a way using a Google Play plugin that allows you to run the Windows .exe application.

The changelog mentions repeatable nightly events for Iris but I can't visit her at night. Is it just her stream?

when is the mythic manor V0.17 getting it's public release???


Almost everything I click on is under development. Why have it on the map if it's not been programmed in yet? It's a real shame because it looks good but too unfinished. So, I think I will wait until a more complete copy is available before I try again, but thanks anyway. 


there's still a ton to do...

When is the next update?

How can you unlock the safe?

There are 3 parts of the Code. The first one is in the box Esther gives you, the second one is in your kitchen drawer and the third one is in the bathrooms drawer.


Thanks Man! Appreciate it!

Do you know if you can somehow already interact with the Laptop?

No Problem.

As far as I can remember, it was the Name of one of the .exe files within the PC recycle bin in your room just without the .exe at the end.

It has been a while since I last played the game.

Please Release New Update, I Hope For next Update The Story in Character will make Very Interesting.. Please make for next update making this game Can playing in Android Too..

Thank You.. I Very Support You..

we need more updates :(

Hola, una pregunta, hay 4 versiones para Android, cual debería descargar?

How Can I Get Binoculars

as far as I remember, you get them from the box of junk in your room (or maybe in the safe). You need to buy the lens from the old dude from the lake...

How can you unlock the safe? Where's the Code for it?

Hi, I answered this question a bit above.


Please Update This Game Soon For Android.. I Like So Much This Game.. And Hope For Next Update for Story Paige and Naira  and present for New Pretty Character ..



Hey Dev, when'll be the next update of Mythic Manor.... It's been quite a while since the last update.... !!!

Hey man, would you have another link to download the game? Mega is crashing in the middle of the process and I was very interested in your game

this happens to me when I use mega in incognito mode if you are in incognito just copy the mega link and put it in the regular browser

This game is simply  HUGE!!!  So  much content, a lot of variety, game is really fun to play with many many mini-quests. Congratulations, keep up the good work!


I'd really like to see a sort of "development schedule" and an "upcoming public release schedule". I have too much free time and blazed through the current public version in a little over a week.


Hi, is there anal things in the game?

Yes, you can do anal at least once with the nympho

Deleted 70 days ago

Naira and you can do anal with Esther 

Okay I have some questions:

How to do seren and how to trigger Aliza and Kylie main contents

is there a way i can fix the message that says "this title is hosted on an incompatible 3rd party website" when i try to download? im on windows, newest update and it downloads fine in browser version, but that one doesn't auto update.


I believe for that they would need to change the download site from MEGA. Its possible but i dont know the creators reasons... As user, you cant really do anything, its not the dev to do so.

100 days later

Is there futa\ ts content?

no. At least not yet.


Hey Dev, 
Please note that there are some issues with the Re'npy's latest software update 7.4.2 as I got to know it from a wonderful developer who patiently helped me out with this issue. So, please if you are using Re'npy software to develop your game &  planning to release your latest update, then please first downgrade your software to version 7.3.5 and then release it. 
Also note that if you are going to release the  upgrades to your game using the new software and if an individual downloads & installs it, the game will not only not work but your old saved games won't work either. So before releasing it you need downgrade the software to version 7.3.5 and then release.
I had to reset my phone and lose my saves from all the games that were installed in my phone just so that we could come up with this conclusion of mine. I wouldn't want any other patron or other players to go through the same process. I'd request you to explain this situation to the Re'npy developers team and get this sorted out.

Note: This is my experience purely based on Android phone with Android version 11. I cannot vouch for any other software or OS.
Thank you for hearing me out.


do you use Honey Select to create your beautiful characters and settings?


I like the game alot! very interesting premise and the girls are very sexy, interested to see where this goes what with all the pathways you cant use now! more heather please. Heather, Esther, and Fanora are best girls.

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