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I need help! I accidentally put the surveillance camera into Vellen room's and now I can't seem to put it away. This made my progress stuck on Naria story (Lvl 22) and I can't buy any more surveillance camera from the shop.

There are 2 other cams, one is on top of the safe in your room (do bulletin board quest in the hallway to increase your repair skill, then repair the cam). The other is inside of the safe. You can unlock it by finding the 3 combination codes (pieces of paper) around the manor.

well, i just finished the new update, and while the game itself has been polished up a fair bit (that start menu tho) i have to admit in terms of content, it was.... lackluster. still, what new content was included was very nice. 

Jikei, a suggestion if i may: going forward, i suggest dont try to polish up the looks of the game, focus on the story and animations. sure, nice menus and bigger hint boxes are nice to have, but save those tweaks for when the stories are more or less complete. only do what is necessary to make the game function nicely. as of right now, the new update doesnt have much new content but the sheer potential this game has is incalculable. as such, i strongly suggest focusing on story and getting that sector covered as much as possible. the sex animations are great but lacking in a few minor details which is fine for the time being. just make the story hit as hard as possible while keeping up the current quality of animations. if anyone can do it, u and ur team can. i greatly look forward to the next update, and i also suggest working a bit more on the stories for the side characters as well in ur downtime. sure the main characters take priority but if u have a nice little database of ideas for the side characters saved up, when u do work on them u and ur team will have a lot of material to work with. 

i expect great things from u and ur team jikei, and i cant wait to see what u guys have coming up next. take ur time with it, we, ur fans are more than willing to wait for good content. so roll up those sleeves and get to it, yall got this. 

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i cant get past iris level 1 ... help

She's at the ice cream place in the morning, it says afternoon by mistake

Can you elaborate, please? Her info box says "there's no hint for her right now". She's just standing at the kiosk, and I tried every interaction to no avail.

Oh, you probably haven't started her questline yet. It begins by finding a flyer in the mall's trashcan. This allows you to access a website on the PC in your room. The questline then requires you to view a certain cam show on that site for a while, mostly at night. Eventually you'll get to level up Iris

Is anyone else having issues installing the Android version (v0.12)? I have tried downloading 3 times, but it doesn't install on my device... :(

I had the same issue, I had to uninstall the game then install the newer version for it to work.

Cool! I'll just take a backup of my save files and uninstall the previous version then.. Thanks!

Is your android rooted so that u can do that or would I be able to access save stuff without rooting?

Save files are in the Android > data > com.mythic.manor > files > saves when you connect your phone to your PC.


Thankyou. I didn't know that, I will do that next time.

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I`m stuck doing a repair task .. Fixing the light at the Entrance .. where can I find something to stand on ? the stools in the hallway doesn`t move and I can`t seem to find anything else around to use.. Please help  ?

Er never mind.. again.. I found a  stool in the kitchen ..

I have to stop getting so impatient  oo


the update is now? wow thanks is a nice birday present :P

i love this game

Happy Birthday! :)

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jeje thanks

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How do I get a fishing pole ?

Never mind.. old guy sold me one  lol

Soooooooooooooo ready for the next update but I almost don't want to because it'll be over so soooooooooon.... fuck

Do you know when you would be ready with a full version of the game AKA v.1.0?

Still not very sure, there's a lot to be done at this point. Maybe 2021?


Incredible game. one of my two favorite games on Itch, right next to Harem Hotel. I do have a question about the impending update: when it drops, will progress transfer over, or will I need to start anew? 

Also, Jade is best girl. Velle is a close second, but you don't get better than Jade.


No. If you play on PC, the save data is in the appdata of your computer. So you can just delete the old version and install the new one on January 18 when it comes out. :)

Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, your progress will transfer to each new update. If you are playing on Windows/Mac/Linux, you do not need to do anything. Just download the new update and play. 

But if you are on Android, you should backup your save files and then uninstall the old version, then install the new version and put your save files back.

hey, this hasn’t worked for me, (pc) it seems to be stuck at the end of .11.1 and tells me I’ve advanced as far as is currently available, any idea what I screwed up? 

Did you download the new version and play it through that folder? You can completely delete the v0.11.1 folder. Do not copy files from the new version and replace files in the old version, it won't work correctly.

I moved the 0.11.1 folder to a folder I set up for outdated versions of games. Should I have straight deleted it? I’ll try that, and re-unzip 0.12


Very, Very good game. Mythic Manor is one of maybe 5 games on this site that i enjoyed and boy... Could i spend hours upon hours playing. Obviously we all know Naira is the best girl, it's not an opinion, it's a fact x)

The characters are all well made, each character differs from the others in various ways, there are certain events that you can discover if you go to certain areas at a certain time, which is also a very good thing.

If anyone is reading this comment questioning themselves whether if they should play Mythic Manor, then i would say GO FOR IT!

Absolutely try it out, in the worst case scenario this game could not be your type, but it might be. And unless you try it out you'll never know. Maybe you'll end up spending way more time on the game than you initially wanted to (like me)

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your attention, i may have written a little essay for ya but i can't help it, im high as a kite and when i start typing i have a HARD time stopping ;p Have a good one.

Good afternoon. If it's not a secret, then with what help did you make the graphics in the game? (Do you have any lessons on this program?). I also want to create my own game, but I can not draw. 

And Paige level 2

If it is that ´She said that she was in the gym every morning, so where is she`, then go to the Gyms shower.

What about Jade level 14

Go to the Park at the Afternoon or to the Doggie style shop in the morning.

How do you do Jade level 13

Go to the Lake in the Afternoon.

How do i clear Naira lvl 22 where it says "She seems off today..... I wonder if she wrote something in her diary"?

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You need to have a camera in your inventory and then click on Nairas door. Then go to Esther in the garden and ask to get into Nairas room.

Ps. Search her whole room while your at it ;)

Where do i get the camera? I went to the mall and couldnt buy any from Leon at all ;-;

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how do i advance fanora to level 28, the hint says "i should just find a place to relax" but cant find where.

Go to the living rooms couch at night

How do I advance Natasha? Her card prompts me to check out the stall that's out of order, but I can't find a way to interact with it.

I dont quite remember how i got it... I think youll just have to check it out everytime you can. Like first on the morning, then on afternoon, then the next day. I think it depends on what weekday it is. Like i said, cant quite remember.


I thoroughly enjoyed the story and can't wait for the next update.

When is the next update going to be released?

It's good game so far but I can't get past lvl 2 with Jessa no options to progress just chat she is fine the end. The hints are really not helping since it says "I wonder what she's doing tonight"... Nothing would be the answer since at night no one is really active and next stage of the day forces you to sleep.

Check Servix at night (the store). In the next version, the hints will be a lot more obvious.


Thank you came across her by accident and got way further with couple others after that.  I look forward to what happens with the others. Still missing one (second page top left corner) so now I'm interested in who it can be.

Hey guys, how to make night vision binocular, i couldn't find anything to do it

Me neither. It's propably just not added yet. :/

Night Vision Binoculars are not added yet.

How do I find these missing scenes?


1 is when you go to the lake in morning or afternoon, depending on what lvl you are in Fanoras story.

The main events are when you go to Nairas room(cant remember at what time :/)

When you go to the Sweet Treats at afternoon and talk to Fanora.

Every scene could also depend on what weekday it is. Cant remember 100%

Others i haven't opened myself neither.

Update when comes out?

how do i pass on naira's desire getting to strong... i should try to see what she's doing tonight..." i don't know what to do on that she is on level 22

Insatall a camera in her room and spy on her. Then knock on her door.

oh ok thanks br

Who do I ask for swimming advice for Nefari?

Naira at work and Kaila at the gym

Anyone know how to fix the garden water spout? I couldn't find anything to use at the mall..


It's an item sold by the Old Man at Magic Lake, the Long Brass Doohickey.


Who hires Jade? (the homeless bench girl)

Carmen (At Doggie Style in the mall)


Yeah! Just found it, haha, thanks anyway! 

Got it!

Only actual let down is that some of the characters that I was excited to do more with (Paige especially :) ) was cut short. Other than that, great game!

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Sorry Guys. Need help again. Esther's "Where Should I go?" And how to unlock Dahlia?

Dahlia is unlocked first by checking the mall's trash can for the flyer which lets you access a certain website on your PC.

Esther is level 25 I presume? You must enter the hallway from the garden in the morning. For v0.12, I've been completely overhauling/improving the hints system since I know I made a lot of the hints way too vague. 

Fanora "I'm hungry at night" . What to do there. I tried going to restaurant, but didn't work. Do I need to tell her to use the vibrator?

Go to your rooms kitchen at ´late night`

Trying to see if I can find a game that rivals Harem Hotel (absolutely amazing, btw) Don't really know

Harem Hotel is amazing.

True that, hard to find something as good or better.

What do I do when it says "I should find a place to relax" for Fanora (Level 27)? I tried relaxing in the pool and in the garden outside.. didn't work! Also, do I have to reach a certain level to repair the binoculars? How can I use them?

You can fix them by going through the story on other characters and when there is jobs on the bulletin board, do them.

When youve done them(all?)you need to buy couple of lenses from the crazy old man at the lake and then head to your room(at day)and click on the window.

The place to relax is watching porn at ´night`.

There's no window in my bedroom?! Also, tried watching porn (and CamChat) at night and late night.. didn't work! :/

Its in The kitchen in your bedroom.

What lvl was that "i should find a place to relax" again?


"(level 27)"

Herp derp sorry!😅😅

Go to The couch at The living room(at The lounge, not your room) at "night"

Well I'm stuck. Can't find the man who spoke rude to Naira. And Don't know who can repair the binoculars!

The man is in the park.

And you can repair the binoculars after you buy couple of lenses from the crazy old man at the lake

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and for Velle, I have to see where she is? And impress the other girl to use her vibe again. How do I do it? Is there a walkthrough? I went to the park. Can't find the man. And what does this slurpping sound. Can't find it.

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he is in the bushes.

You had to go to the sex toy shop and buy the vibrating egg.

On what lvl are you with Velle?

Lvl 19 with Velle

She is at the doctors office at afternoon


The story is great, wish to see more girls' contents in the future version.

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Where can you use the Heavy-duty flashlight for example, or is it a thing that's not yet added or smh?


That's not usable yet

hello, i was wondering what the song is called during night time at the manor. If you could tell me what it’s specifically called that’d be great I enjoy it a lot!

Hi, we had this song created for Mythic Manor by a guy named Corsairon. It doesn't really have a name other than "Manor Night Theme."


Really liked Jade's story. <3

I'm stuck on - "I feel like something will happen soon... I should just wait." with Fanora (Level 25). Also, I can't get to the 'hot and steamy' bit with Nefari. Any help pls! 


With Fanoras story, go to sleep when its ´´night``, NOT ´´Late Night``.

With Nefaris, go take a shower in the Manor(Morning or the night when shes home, i cant remember which one)


Thanks for developing this awesome game! I LOVE it!! I have 2 questions - (1) I can't find the 2nd panties for Fanora (Lvl 20). I just found one in the laundry basket. (2) How do I progress Jessa's story past Lvl 3? 

btw Heather is really hot!! Would love to see her story line progress ;)


You need to buy the other ones at the mall. Go to the women clothe store and click on the basket.

And go to the farm early in the morning. Jessa is working a the wheat field.

Can you make the download compatible with the desktop app?


DAMN!!! Played this game for the last 7 days at 18 hours/day because I'm disabled. You pulled me in to all your characters stories and I care about what happens to them all! I"m hoping that you eventually fix it so that all of the Manor women become his true harem and with full commitment ceremonies and up to 2people sleeping with the MC at a time! He must be a half-unicorn mythic to be able to charm the ladies like that. EXCELLENT WORK and I'm emotionally invested in them all like a good soap opera! "BRAVO MAESTRO BRAVO!!!" :)

How do you know he could be a unicorn mythic??


Wild guess. Chicks dig Unicorns no matter what age they are, while Fauns & Satyrs usually have to get females drunk before they can "hook-up"! No contest ;)

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