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Where do I get the night vision for the binoculars

Is there a way to get the velvet pass please reply thank you

I am stuck at Fanora lv 22. I did the level with her and Velle, but it does not proceed. When I tap on her picture the same hint comes up, but she no longer appears in the pool room. I tried it a few times with different choices, but the problem persists. I play on android

Update: fixed. I accidentally unlocked her next level. All good now.

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I cant open the game its say "cant open mythic manor.exe, mythic manor.exe its missing" can anyone help me?

okay, can i get a collar for Jade?

i only can walk her rest is greyed out and says i need a collar it doesnt say not implemented yet but i cant find it?

and is there anything for Iris?

besides fuyumi is a lock in the pic does taht mean i ahve yet to find taht person? or not yet in?

fun game ... some more repeatable stuff would be nice^^

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Really fun game. 

Is there a way to enter Nefari's room when she is not there yet?
Hits tell me to find a key to the chest at the end of her bed and to search the drawer when she is not there.
Last update we could install a cam in Jade's room, but I haven't found a cam for Nefari's room yet. Did I miss it or is it not yet implemented?

Edit: To be clear. Not asking how to do it. Just if it's possible.

Hey there, it's not implemented yet

Thank you. Looking forward to the new update. Keep up the good work.

Who are the 2 girls between Jessa and Heather in the Character Relationship Screen? I cant unlock them, and Ive talked with everyone in the city. Also cant find Paige

Those are Anastasia and Paige. To unlock Anastasia, talk to her at the beach (blonde shy girl), then go to the beach's changing room at night. Paige can be found at Servix (the store) during the afternoon. After talking to her, her story continues at the gym

Weird, I already finished Anastasia's story, but her portrait hasn't unlocked

Hmm, I'll look into it

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I don't know if the opinion of "fans" that aren't patrons or don't put money on the game through any way possible actually matter BUT I need to say this:

I feel that the dev/team have been putting too much work on side content instead of working on the story. I get it that it is a sandbox game and it "needs" to have side content and things to do in the world in which the game is set, but only having a single story event for the main girls and not even one for EVERY main girl (which as far as I know are the ones that *live in the manor*) is like getting stabbed in the soul for those who wait so much for the new updates. 

The only relevant event in this update was with Velle because it wasn't an excuse for a random NSFW scene, in my humble opinion. The last update gave me hope on the matters about the story (and about actual romance with the girls), it actually felt that something meaningful had started.

Don't get me wrong, Mythic Manor has some of the best NSFW scenes if not *the best* scenes, but if there isn't a story behind everything and actual meaning for said scenes, which would be the girls developing  true, honest feelings for the MC and making a Harem possible in the near future, then the game becomes more of the same with each and every update. 

That's it. Only a humble opinion from a humble fan of the game. Great work anyway, the game is amazing. 

(Sorry for any grammar mistakes btw. English is not my first language)

were is the pass for the laptop?

Its in 3 parts. 1 is in your kitchen drawer. 1 in bathroom drawer en 1 given by esther at some point


Not to be an ass about a free game or anything. But i feel like 0.14 was a very small update when it has been 2 months since the last.

I really like your work. It's on of the best. This update of 0.14, in my honest opinion was very short, but had good moments for Velle. I wonder when's the next update...

I want to play this in my smartphone (android)

Which one must i download ?

Universal should work for all 

But the mac size is bigger than universal one is it have additional content or something ?

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Which numbers on ripped pieces of paper are important? How do you get the last girl? Is there a way to get into the houses yet? Is there a key to the shed or any of the locked rooms in the manor yet? I have lots of questions but great update.

You just need to find the 3 pieces of paper to unlock your safe, don't need to memorize the numbers or anything. What last girl? Miya? She's not in the game yet (other than through the binoculars). The locked doors don't have any keys yet

Yea that's a new name. My binoculars are still broken. Thanks!

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Honestly I just finished 1.14 as far as I know. Just need to figure out repeatable tasks. Then find the damn binoculars I looked in most places but still can't find them.

Also a neat stat I'd love there to be is a progress stat.

I just played on Android and pc, are the sex scenes not like continuous(at least at the beginning) or is it that I am lagging?

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So im playing ver. 11.1 and everything I try to download ver. 13 it says app not installed....I'm playing on a note 10+

Hello there I am having a problem with installing a cam in Fanora's room.....I don't have another cam n I can't find one either plz help

There's one to repair on top of the safe in your room and there's one inside of the safe.. you need to find the 3 combination papers around the manor

Thanks ill start looking


Just finished the 0.14 update. Great scenes man. But I gotta ask when is Nefari going to stop this research coyness and simply gonna bang.
Also give Velle her sleeping/cuddling moment. She is there storywise.

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best visual novel ever.

i love everyone. each character is lovable and quirky. Nefari is bae, she is simply BAE. 

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Is there literally any other way to get duskflower other than going to the lake at night or at least better the odds, because quite frankly the RNG gods have bent me over a barrel and mercilessly screwed me for the last 2 1/2 hours.

edit: the very next cycle I did had the flower, so next time I will ask for help much quicker.

Hello Jikei loving the game so far, I'm just wondering when we can expect the next update? (Rough Estimate)


Hey there, v0.14 will be released within the next 2 weeks

Love the game and can't wait for the next update. Noticed I completed all the story lines but there are still scenes missing from the gallary and not sure how to unlock them. Also came across the scene where Nefari asks to do an experiment with you and Naira but that hasn't unlocked in the gallary either. Any help?

If you unlocked a scene in-game and it's not appearing in the gallery, the Fix Gallery button should fix it.

As for the missing scenes, check out this special events guide:

Thanks, all sorted

Did anybody know where is jade's working place


It's been awhile since i last played, but i think she works at the pet shop in the mall.


Great storyline, waiting for the progression.

yo no entiendo nada

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Hi there, anyone know what i should do about this bug?

I've just been focusing on Naira's story, but now I'm stuck. It says I have to read her diary, but I cant access her room. I cant open it, and every time i try to talk to her morning or night it just becomes a loop and i cant talk to her again. what should I do?

edit: it just says "no answer" and it ends there

It seems the only way to fix this is to go back to an earlier save... really sad. im gonna let go of this game for a bit, that really wore me out lol

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You don't need to go back to an earlier save, sorry for the confusion.

To enter her room for the diary, you need a surveillance cam and your repair skill needs to be at least 1 (do the bulletin board quest in the hall, then you can repair a cam on the safe in your room).

First, try to get into Naira's room in the afternoon while you have a cam in your inventory.

Next, visit Esther in the garden (in the afternoon as well) and ask to get into Naira’s room to fix her PC.

If you wish to re-enter without asking Esther, you can grab Naira’s spare key in her closet.

I'll be modifying this a bit in the next version to make it less complicated


THANK YOU. omg, yeah that was difficult to figure out because it wasnt in one of the quest. maybe like include lvl 1 repair in one of esther's quest, then the rest of the levels would be up to the player.

Look at hints at the top right heart, it gives a brief description on what you should do if you want to advance levels on certain characters.

I did man. it just says increase repair skill level. i didnt know you had to look at the hallway board thingy

I still cant install it :(

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NICE GAME! I have finished the game :)

can't wait for the next update

are there any good game recommendations like mythic manor on andorid while waiting for this game to update?

Hi, I try to install the android update but each time, with the 4 different link, that's doesn't work. When I finish the download, the system says problems are detected in package and canceled the install.

All my girls say they cant be leveled up any more in this version of the game. What do I do? Android version

You have to wait until the next update

How often do they update?

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How do I find a job for jade? Where do I go? I'm on android

pet shop at the mall

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I really enjoyed this game. I think I found one thing to complain at, and that's the animation. However If I'm not mistaken there was a message in the beginning of the game saying that the animations was being updated, so there's not even worth complaining about that.

Obs, Spoilers coming.

There's som much love in this game (and love making).

Just look at Jade's story. A girl that walked the road to hell and end up on the street, out of nowhere a stranger (MC) shows up and manages to get her both a job AND a home. He more or less gives the girl her life back, and she gets so happy for it. Tbh, her happiness almost made me cry.

Then there's Naira. Such a shy girl, but somehow she manages to gather the courage to ask MC if he wants her crystal, which is basically the same as asking if he wants to marry her. And even tho she's so shy, just a few days before that she shows MC her secret side when dragging him into her room with desperation in her eyes. That event really blew my mind, I mean WOW.

Well, as said. This game is really something and I'm really looking forward to the next update. Thank you for this wonderful game.

The game is amazing. The devs nailed it. Waitin for the next BIG update :)

Anyone able to tell me how to get the velvet pass, I've been trying for a while and am stuck. 

Visit the demon girl's room sometimes at night (if you have enough points) and she will provide it :)


U mean velle and I have her maxed for this patch so do I just keep visiting her until I get it or is there something else I have to do

Hey buddy here u can get the what to do.


First off, love the game. Started my pledge last week. I had 3 questions

1. How to get into Fenora’s room to put camera up

2. What kind of Mythic is MC mother

3. Is there a status on the next update? Cant wait to continue on in the game

Accept the daily chore that phoenix had posted on the wall (near the pool door)...visit bathroom...visit mall and purchase the required equipments...come back and repair (now you have enough repair points)...visit phoenix in garden and ask to get in Fenora's room.

EXTRA- now if you want you can repair the camera in your drawer.

hope it helps :)

1. get in her room while she's sleeping. the door will be unlocked

Is there any other way to download, other than Mega?

There are mirrors on the Patreon post

Hello i got some issues bug android  ver 13.the gameplay was fine  play  but its whenever i start  play about couple minutes  its crashed & pop out return to home screen.(sorry poor grammar) is there any solution? Thx

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Does anyone know how to get the scenes for Jade while taking her for a walk or is it not in the game yet would be much appreciated .!!thanks!!.

PS. need last scene

Talk to Celeste at Velvet Desires and have some money to unlock the last special scene. I believe you need to do it at night when Velle isn't there

Thanks for the reply man I'll get right on that

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