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DAMN!!! Played this game for the last 7 days at 18 hours/day because I'm disabled. You pulled me in to all your characters stories and I care about what happens to them all! I"m hoping that you eventually fix it so that all of the Manor women become his true harem and with full commitment ceremonies and up to 2people sleeping with the MC at a time! He must be a half-unicorn mythic to be able to charm the ladies like that. EXCELLENT WORK and I'm emotionally invested in them all like a good soap opera! "BRAVO MAESTRO BRAVO!!!" :)

How do you know he could be a unicorn mythic??


Wild guess. Chicks dig Unicorns no matter what age they are, while Fauns & Satyrs usually have to get females drunk before they can "hook-up"! No contest ;)

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Hi everyone, I would like to know how to unlock jade and dahlia because I don't get out and I don't know what to do thanks to those who send me back

Do you have v0.11.1? There was a bug in v0.11 that prevented you  from accessing Jade, so you will need to get v0.11.1 if you don't have it. She is found in the park in the afternoon.

Dahlia's storyline starts by finding the flyer in the mall's trashcan.


I thank you for the suggestion of dahlia and the update I'm downloading now


Is there another way to get the latest version besides patreon and waiting two weeks? I am willing to pay, $10 is nothing. I just don't like patreon since it fucked over a few creators I liked.


I mean, there are unofficial means if you look hard enough... It's just a matter of do you trust those sketchy sites to not infect your device. In my opinion you should never do that it's always better to support the creator.

To your second point, I agree, Patreon TOS changes suck.

I've also made an account to ask my question and give you support.I'm wondering is the Cashier at the Cervix ever going to be a thing in the game?Is there anything happening at the church?I apologize for my incorrect grammar,i'm still learning English.I understand if you won't respond.

Yes, we have plans for the cashier in the future. The church will have content at some point, but we do not have plans for it yet. Your English is good, don't worry!

How to unlock Secret Room? I have to have Velvet Pass and I dunno how to obtain it. Anyone can help me?

It's not in the game yet.

how to update the game without losing the game progress

For PC/Mac, you don't need to do anything special. For Android, you need to back up your save files first

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Can someone help me? I'm stuck in Nefari lv24 : "She's not at work today, where'd she go?"

Edit : I managed to level up Nefari to lv 26, but somehow I get stuck here. The hint tells me : I can't wait to go hot and steamy again with Nefari...

Please Jikei help me.

Shower in the morning.

how do i level up naria i have her at 16 and im trying to get her to 17 it just says i should visit her sometimes ive talked to her in the morning and at night

Don't forget to visit her at work and buy for drinks.

Hey, uh, quick question. I've finished almost all storylines. For literally every character except one, it says i cannot level them any more. However, for Iris (Girl in icecream stand at morning), it only says there's no hint for now, which it said for the other side characters before i was able to level them. Is there something i can do with her???

Not for now. Maybe we should wait till the next update

Anyone figure out how to unlock the pink box on Android, tried the fixes mentioned but didn't work. Only thing I haven't tried is downloading a new keyboard. (G Board btw)

If the dev sees this, maybe put a function in the game where if you see the codes/passwords the MC remembers and you can just click the correct password. 🤷‍♂️

Read all Naira's available diary first.

I know what the password is, my request is that they fix the keyboard glitches or find a workaround

What is the password? Ive tried so many but i dont seem to find it 


mc = your name


oh lol i did with a space bar before ... ._. thanks

I'm using Google keyboard but it won't register the password.

Yeah it's fucked on the current version, my advise is to stop playing and wait for the next update. Sometimes when games update saves don't transfer so if you stop playing now you still have stuff to look forward to if you have to start all over again.

Please tell the next update date :(

looks like its gonna be a while bud. Still, if what they've made till now is any indication then what's coming up is gonna be worth the wait. Have patience man, and when it comes u can enjoy it with the rest of us. Or pay 20 bucks (I think) on patreon and get it 2 weeks early lol

Please help me jikei , I’m stuck at Nefari lv 25!


Mate, any news on the next update? Last one was a good while ago, and from what I know there hasn't been any news. Knowing yall ur about to pull something crazy lol. Hope it comes soon!

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Hey I noticed there was a stray dog in the park. maybe you could implement a quest where we buy some dog food from the pet store and then get a new best friend, or maybe find the owner or something? great game so far loving it!

[Edit 1] Just completed all of the content available and I must say this has got to be one of the greatist games I have played in a while love the characters and all of the references made. keep up the amazing work!

[Edit 2] I absolutily need more Jade content It's melting my heart! <3

ever noticed jade is a dog mythic, and there is a stray dog at the park where jade always is. maybe has something to do with each other???


Thanks for suggestion  and kind words :) This upcoming update is a major Jade update, so you'll see more of her real soon

Hi, I have a question about the game, are there some nightvision? I mean, something to spy the house at night through the kitchen's window.

How to get in nefari room

how do I update my app

Help bro, i'm stuck in fanora level 25 : i feel like something will happen soon... I should just wait

You just need to go to sleep at Night time on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

when is the new update?

Friends, do you khow the password of esther secret folder

Is there any way to play on android without collapsing the game ???

Please show me how to fix game crashes on android 4.4


those on androids or windows, if you dont want to lose your saves, find the location you stored the game files in then go to game, saves and copy all of it into another folder. try to fix the game and paste it back inside the saves folder when done. always back up before trying anything new.

I had to delete and reinstall  just to get this version to work and lost my save. But that was my fix to install  crash


Great game.

How to get to Fanora's room

The android version keeps crashing around 70% when I try to download it from MEGA. It happened 3 times in a row at the same percentage, so it seems to be no random mishap.

bro, if I install the v0.10.1obb version, did I have to play it from the beginning?


thanks for the update bro


One more day till the 7th. Super hype

well untill june 7th it is


Can't wait the updatee!!

how's 0.10 going? i finished everything except 3 side scenes with no walk through. i cant wait for the next part, especially the police officer. LOL:(*&^

It's going good, will be out later this month. :)

thats amazing!

mission spoiler) so im on the mission for fanora where you have to find 2 panties for bait for racoon i found the one from the shop in the mall where do i find the other one? 

In Naira's room (there's a bag with them in it)

ok do you know where her diary is?

In one of her drawers or dresser

well i mean i cant get there bc she wont let me in

You need to talk to Esther in the garden to let you in. You need to do bulletin board quests to get your Repair Skill up first.


yo jikei, I gotta say I love ur work so far. Made an account on here just to say this. This is easily one of the best games of this type I've ever played, and unfinished as it may be, I found myself completely devouring it over the last 2 days. It has some minor graphical bugs that I've noticed but aside everything looks great. The character design is beautiful, particularly in the case of Jade and Naira. I would suggest SLIGHTLY decreasing the size of Fanora's breasts a bit, to make her a bit more proportional. Also, while your animations are still rough around the edges it's a great start, and far better than most games that are free and of this nature. I can see the amount of love and care that has gone into this game, and I eagerly await the next update. Speaking of which, how would one update the Android app? I'd like to keep my progress when I do as I understand that now the newer version is to be installed over the old one. 

I hope to see more content for the aforementioned characters in particular, as I feel they are easily the most charming and adorable characters in the game. Once again, hats off to ur amazing work. Frankly if I was in a position to I'd donate a sizable amount to ur patreon. Hopefully one day soon. Until then, be well, and keep doing what u do. 

Ps: I know the latest update was only around a week or so ago, but what's the ballpark on the next one? Cant wait to see it

Hey there, thanks so much for the kind words and feedback! With the Android app, I'd backup your saves first (Android > data > com.mythic.manor > files > saves) as I'm pretty sure they get deleted when updating. The next update should be later this month! Cheers :)


awesome, I can wait to see it :) I noticed a small graphical bug about the posters in MCs room, which vanish whenever interacting with anything in the room and the same for the character model for anyone who's room u are in. They vanish whenever there is text at the bottom of the screen and pop back into existence when it goes away.  It's not game breaking but it does take away from the experience just a little. Just a quick heads up for ya. 


U need to get it up to date I've finished the story so far with my favorite girl 

no rushing you bro just love the game

whos ur favorite? for me its between fanora and naira


Its naira forsure bro shes so sweet


Nice quick save function...that doesn't work...

Hmm, it does work though. For me and everyone else I asked. No one else has reported this as a bug.

The Quick Save files are located in the "Q" tab on the Load and Save menus. At the bottom, there is A Q 1 2 3 4 5 ... etc. Hit the Q.
A message pops up when you hit the Quick Save button. --> "Quick save complete."

 Are you on Windows, Mac, Linux or Android? I've tested it on both Windows and Android just now, works perfectly. 

i need link for ios download plissss

Iphone need this game too 😅

There will never be an IOS download for this. Apple does not allow lewd games and they are very strict. So there is no way to bring this to iPhone.

when i install the apk on my phone it says can't install app pls help

How much free space do you have? Did you uninstall the previous version (if you had a previous version)?


I already fixed the problem although i have enough space it still didn't install so i deleted some games. Thanks for realeasing the game for free


Great game. Thanks for releasing v0.9

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