Mythic Manor v0.10.1 is now public!

Hey everyone, Mythic Manor v0.10 is now available!

v0.10 is a mixture of manor girl events,  many events for a brand new side character, and improvements/expansions around New Lark City.

In addition to the new events, more areas on the map are now unlocked and some existing areas have been expanded upon (with interactable characters at many of the locations). 

Animations are looking smoother than ever as we've adopted a new and better way of creating them. There's more too, check out the overview below!

🎁We've also added a new Patreon $5+ perk -> in-game cheat codes! (available here:

An overview of the new v0.10 content: 


  • New main events for Esther, Fanora, Naira, Nefari and Velle
  • New storyline, main events and repeatables for Jessa

Added locations:

  • MooMoo Acres (three areas)
  • Servix (three areas)
  • Train Station
  • Miya's House
  • Other Neighboring House

Expanded locations:

  • Library (two new areas)
  • Doctor's Office (one new area)
  • Church (two new areas)
  • Art Studio (two new areas)

The rest:

  • Started using a better animation method (easier to make smoother animations)
  • Updated the look of the map
  • Added a Nefari animation to the game's intro
  • Added the Code Input app on the MC's PC (wallpaper codes will be entered there now)
  • Added cheat codes for $5+ patrons (enter in Code Input app)
  • Added free name change cheat code - namechange
  • Added a Stats screen (in the inventory) - basic stuff for now, will be improved upon eventually 
  • Added a few new sound effects
  • Changed 'Preferences' to 'Options' in the menu
  • Changed Old Man's name
  • Updated a certain note to make it easier to understand
  • Changed the Lake dock slightly
  • Changed the Beach shore slightly
  • Fixed some lewd sound effect speeds
  • Added the new monthly wallpapers (April and May)
  • $20+ patron names added to the PC
  • Updated hints
  • Updated the scene gallery
  • Updated the official walkthrough
  • Added Cheat Code section to the walkthrough
  • Fixed a few minor bugs/spelling errors
  • Fixed the wording of some dialogue
  • Other fixes and adjustments

v0.10 -> v0.10.1:

  • Fixed a major bug that only affected those starting a new game in v0.10. The bug prevented players from accessing the new girl's content and caused errors throughout the game. 
  • The downloads linked below are fixed and updated to v0.10.1.


Mythic Manor v0.12 PC
Jun 07, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.12 MAC
Jun 07, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.12 ANDROID
Jun 07, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.12 ANDROID [OBB VERSION]
Jun 07, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.12 Mirror ALL VERSIONS
Jun 07, 2019

Get Mythic Manor (NSFW)


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How to find the bait for Fanora

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At the mall clothing store and in Naira's room when she's not in there