Dev Update - v0.10 Expected Release

Hey everyone, just a quick update to let you know that v0.10 is very close!

We are on the final stages of development/testing and expect to release for $10+ patrons on sometime this weekend (May 24-26). 

v0.10 is a much larger update than v0.9.0 featuring many fun lewd events, a new character with her own storyline events and lots of improvements/expansions. We hope you're looking forward to it! 😃

▶️By the way guys, be sure to join us on Discord if you want to chat with other Mythic Manor fans, suggest game ideas to us, and more: 


Jikei & Nocht

Get Mythic Manor (NSFW)


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Will it released today?

It is available now for our $10+ patrons on On May 31, it will be available for $5+ patrons. Then it goes public on June 7th.

thanks for the info xD

if I play the 0.9.0 and then update it to 0.10, did i start back to beginning or i can continue it?

You can continue, the saves are compatible :)


i'm looking forward for the update! XD