Mythic Manor v0.9.0 | Public Release!

Hey everyone, Mythic Manor v0.9.0 is now free for everyone to play! πŸŽ† 

v0.9.0 features new main story events for all of the manor girls and Jade! This version is full of lewd events with these six lovely ladies! You'll also find new side content such as Esther's PC (now unlockable) and an expansion to the beach area.

An overview of the new v0.9.0 content: 

  • New main events for Esther, Fanora, Naira, Nefari and Velle.
  • New main event for Jade.
  • Added a new expansion to the beach location.
  • Added more interactions with girls at the beach.
  • Added an interaction with the park bench at night.
  • Esther's locked PC folder is now accessible (with a password).
  • Esther's spare key is now discoverable.
  • Added a cameo character (Misty).
  • Created a whole bunch of new characters (most are event-specific).
  • Created new event-specific areas.
  • Added the new monthly wallpapers (February and March).
  • Added the 1 Year Anniversary wallpaper.
  • Added a few new versions of songs by Corsairon.
  • Added other new event-specific music.
  • Added new sound effects.
  • $20+ patron names added to the PC.
  • Updated hints.
  • Updated the scene gallery.
  • Updated the official walkthrough.
  • Added Future Side Content section to the walkthrough.
  • Made adjustments to the game menu.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs/spelling errors.
  • Fixed the wording of some dialogue.
  • Other fixes and adjustments.

Mobile-Specific πŸ“± 

  • Updated to v0.9.0.


Mythic Manor v0.9.0 PC
Feb 10, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.9.0 MAC
Feb 10, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.9.0 ANDROID
Feb 10, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.9.0 Mirror ALL
Feb 10, 2019

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What's all in the update?

Just added the patch notes/overview to this post. TL;DR: More new main events for all of the manor girls and Jade, plus some side content such as the beach expansion and Esther's PC folder (now unlockable).


Sweet ty.