Mythic Manor v0.12 is now PUBLIC!

Hello everyone, Mythic Manor v0.12 is now here!  

v0.12 is a mix of manor girl events, a couple of lewd multi-girl events, and many new events for Iris and Nurse Andrea. 

We also improved the Hints System quite a bit, making the hints much easier and adding a "time of day" indicator, so you know what time of day each event takes place at. You'll also notice we created a new transition when a new day starts. On top of that, we made the main menu animated for PC and Mac. We'll extend this animated main menu to Android once it is more efficient.

New Content in v0.12:

Main Girls:

  • New main story event with Esther
  • New main story event with Nefari
  • New main story event with Velle
  • New multi-girl event with Esther and Velle
  • New multi-girl event with Fanora and Naira

Side Characters:

  • 5 story events with Iris
  • 1 story event with Nurse Andrea
  • 5 repeatable events at the Doctor's Office
  • Added new Receptionist character


  • Revamped & Improved HINT SYSTEM - Much easier hints & time of day is provided for all levels with a revamped look
  • New transition when a new day starts
  • New animated main menu (Windows/Mac only for now)
  • Added 3 monthly PC wallpapers
  • Added $20+ patron names to PC
  • Updated the hints
  • Updated the scene gallery
  • Updated the official walkthrough

Changes to the game:

Content changes:

  • Fixed certain Jade-related content and dialogue
  • Made the right hall arrow glowing (so it's more noticeable)
  • Added playtime to the Stats screen
  • Added a few other stats to the Stats screen
  • Added a button to clean Esther's cam for Android users who could not progress her story
  • Changed requirements for Fanora level 25 and Esther level 25 (made easier)
  • Lessened requirements for Natasha level 1
  • Changed Naira's diary for Android users so the menu doesn't go out of bounds
  • Minor changes to past dialogue of characters
  • Other minor things fixed

Enjoy and let us know if you have any feedback or run into any issues!


Mythic Manor v0.12 PC
Jun 07, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.12 MAC
Jun 07, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.12 ANDROID
Jun 07, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.12 Mirror ALL VERSIONS
Jun 07, 2019
Mythic Manor v0.12 ANDROID [OBB VERSION]
Jun 07, 2019

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well, i just finished the new update, and while the game itself has been polished up a fair bit (that start menu tho) i have to admit in terms of content, it was.... lackluster. still, what new content was included was very nice. 

Jikei, a suggestion if i may: going forward, i suggest dont try to polish up the looks of the game, focus on the story and animations. sure, nice menus and bigger hint boxes are nice to have, but save those tweaks for when the stories are more or less complete. only do what is necessary to make the game function nicely. as of right now, the new update doesnt have much new content but the sheer potential this game has is incalculable. as such, i strongly suggest focusing on story and getting that sector covered as much as possible. the sex animations are great but lacking in a few minor details which is fine for the time being. just make the story hit as hard as possible while keeping up the current quality of animations. if anyone can do it, u and ur team can. i greatly look forward to the next update, and i also suggest working a bit more on the stories for the side characters as well in ur downtime. sure the main characters take priority but if u have a nice little database of ideas for the side characters saved up, when u do work on them u and ur team will have a lot of material to work with. 

i expect great things from u and ur team jikei, and i cant wait to see what u guys have coming up next. take ur time with it, we, ur fans are more than willing to wait for good content. so roll up those sleeves and get to it, yall got this. 

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anyone else having a problem where it won’t let you advance passed the end of 0.11.1? I loaded up 0.12 for the first time, and it tells me that I’m at the end of the available story with everyone