Mythic Manor v0.11.1 public release in 2 weeks!

Hello everyone, Mythic Manor v0.11.1 is now available for our $10+ patrons! In 1 week from now, $5+ patrons will gain access and in 2 weeks, v0.11.1 will be public.

v0.11.1 early access:

v0.11.1 includes new main and special events for some of our manor girls, a dozen new events and scenes for our beloved Jade, and other new events with some of the newer residents of New Lark City. All manor residents will now also occasionally invite you for activities during the morning and night. There's also lots of quality of life improvements, an expansion of the mythic manor, and much more!

EDIT: v0.11 was updated to v0.11.1 to fix a couple of bugs. Make sure you have v0.11.1 and not v0.11.

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Is Android keyboard fixed in new update?

Please say yes 🙏

I am not 100% sure, as I was never having the issue in the first place. But there have been no complaints so far! It's possible a Ren'Py update fixed it, since there have been a bunch of updates to Ren'Py in the past few months.
But yeah, we are not in control of fixing this issue, it's up to the game engine we use (Ren'Py). Hopefully they have solved it by now, I'll keep an eye out



Tbh, that's one of the more annoying bugs I've noticed in the game. For some reason typing is a nightmare in the game, at least on droid. Everything else is phenomenal but that's the only thing that brings it down. Even if it's not fixed it's still super exciting to finally see the next update, its been a long time coming. I'll post a small review on here when I get a chance to play it

Still no reports of the bug yet, hoping it's actually fixed now 🤞 If you still get the keyboard bug when you play, let me know or put it in the review!


You got it bud, I'll keep you posted